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Pancha Mahaabhoota

KeywordPancha Mahaabhoota
Etymology/ Definitionमहत् भूतम् । पञ्चतन्मात्रेभ्यः स्थौल्यादस्य तथात्वम् पृथिव्यादि पञ्चभूतम्। शब्दकल्पद्रुम
ReferenceC.Su.26/10, S.Sha.1/19, A.H.Sha.3/2
Literary MeaningM / W – Basic elements of which, five are reckoned viz. ether, air, fire, water and earth
Implied MeaningThese are five basic primordial elements, which are evolved from Panchatanmaatraa .
ElaborationThis concept is common to all ancient Indian knowledge systems. The primordial five elements form the basis of the Universe. All the intimate objects in the universe and bodies of living creatures including man are composed of the five basic elements. They are Aakaas`ha ( space ), Vaayu ( Air ), Agni ( fire ), Jala ( water ) and Prithvee ( earth ).
Prithvee : The fifth Mahaabhoota is the densest. It provides the essential basal matrix for evolution of each substance. Main attribute is the sense of smell or Gandha . The receptor is the nose. Prithvee has attributes like Tama.
Aakaas`ha ( space )- It is an omnipresent and all pervading element, which serves as an abode to all other four elements and objects in the universe. S`habda or sound is the main attribute. Aakaas`ha has attributes like Sattva.
Vaayu ( air ) – It is vital for existence of all living creatures. It is responsible for all the movements in nature as well as movements in the body. Spars`ha or touch is the main attribute of Vaayu . It has attributes like Raja.
Agni – It is the source of energy in nature. It is responsible for any transformation in nature as well as in the body. Roopa or vision is the main attribute of Agni Mahaabhoota. It has attributes like Sattva and Raja.
( water )- Water in nature is contained in the sea, lakes, rivers, wells, clouds and rain. Water is essential for sustaining life. Rasa or taste is the main attribute of Aapa Mahaabhoota . It has attributes like Sattva Tama.

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