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Taskara Vaidya

KeywordTaskara Vaidya
Etymology/ Definition आमं विपच्यमानं च सम्यक्‌ पक्वं च यो भिषक्‌ ।
जानीयात्‌ स भवेत वैद्यः शेषास्तस्करवृत्तयः ॥ सु.सू.१७।६
Literary MeaningM / W – thief, robber
Implied MeaningTaskara means a robber or a thief. Sus`hruta uses this term for a physician who does not have enough knowledge about various stages of Abscess.
ElaborationLike thieves who usually extort money and life from people, Taskara Vaidya , due to lack of expertise, leads patients to complicated stages, which may result in life threatening conditions. They also extract money from patients. This emphasises need for appropriate knowledge and Sus`hruta compares such physicians with thieves. It is important to treat patients according to stages of their ailment. It is a key for the successes of any physician.
A good physician should know treatment of abscess as per its stages. If anyone incises an abscess prematurely ( Apakva ), it will create hazardous complications like injury to tendons, muscles, bones, joints, excessive bleeding. On the other hand, if one neglects fully developed abscess ( Pakvaavasthaa ) without incising it, then this also results in pus formation in deeper body constituents, which is again a serious complication. Therefore Sus`hruta compares deeds of such physicians with thieves.
SynonymsRogaabhisara Vaidya, Chhadmachara
Contemporary ColloquialQuack, pseudo doctor
AntonymPraan`aabhisara Vaidya

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