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Etymology/ Definitionयन्त्रं शल्याणाम् आहरण उपायः । सु. सू. १।१ डल्हण
ReferenceS.Su.1/1 D`alhan`a
Literary MeaningM / W – any instrument for holding or restraining or fastening
Implied MeaningThe instrument, which is useful for extracting foreign body, is called Yantra.
ElaborationThe instruments are one hundred and one in number. As all the functions of the instruments depend upon hand, a trained hand is the chief one of all of these. Sus`hruta describes six types of instruments:
Svastika Yantra – 24 Cruciform Instruments
Sandams ha Yantra – 2 Dissecting forceps
Taala Yantra – 2 Spoon shaped instruments
Naad`ee Yantra – 20 Tubular instruments
halaakaa Yantra – 28 Rod like instruments
Upayantra – 25 Subsidiary or Accessory instruments
Properties of a good instrument: proper size with rough or smooth mouth ( as required ), firm, good looking and with a good handle.
Contemporary ColloquialInstruments, Apparatus

AntonymUpayantra, S`hastra

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