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Etymology/ Definitionमलादिकमबद्धं च बद्धं वा पिण्डितं मलैः । भित्वाधः पातयति तद् भेदनं कटुकी यथा । शा.सं पू खं.४/५
ReferenceS.Su.27/4 D`alhan`a, Sh.S.P.4/5
Literary MeaningIt is a drastic penetrating property of substance. Bhedana means to penetrate. Thus a substance having this trait is capable of penetrating deeply situated structures by puncturing them.
Implied Meaning1. Bhedana Dravya – The Dravya , which due to its strong penetrating activity causes dissolution of bonds of either Aama or vitiated Dosha matter in the intestines causing strong and loose motions. Its purgative property expels out soft or consolidated stools by disintegrating Mala in Pachyamaanaas`haya .
2. This situation of rupturing can occur spontaneously in an abscess. The vitiated Dosha when ripe to be evacuated rupture the overlying skin to drain spontaneously. If neglected it can lead to a non – healing ulcer or a sinus.
3. An action in surgery used to puncture the accumulation of vitiated Dosha and to drain them to facilitate healing by cleaning the underlying body constituents.
Elaboration1. The substances that exhibit penetrating action and capacity to perforate are termed as Bhedana and they belong to the group of similar substances called Bhedaneeya . Hence they are capable of destroying the vitiated Dosha and Mala complex in the Pakvaas`haya , liquefying it and eliminating it by way of stool. The intensity of the Bhedaneeya substances causes caustic action on the Dhaatu leading to a condition called Dhaatu Paaka characterized by death of local Dhaatu .
Most of the Kshaara ( alkalies ), Chitraka ( Plumbago Zeylenica ) belong to this category of substances. When the stool is hard and is like goat shit Bhedana substances break them and eliminate them forcibly. E. g. Kat`ukee ( Pichrroriza Kurroa )
2. The piercing kind of action is achieved in surgery with a sharp cutting instrument – scalpel ( Bhedana S`hastra, Vriddhipatra ) as in treatment of विद्रधि ( Abscess ).
SynonymsDaaran`a, Vidaaran`a
Contemporary ColloquialIncision

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