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Hridaya Vis`hodhana

KeywordHridaya Vis`hodhana
Etymology/ Definitionहृद्विशोधनम् – हृदयस्थितविषनिर्हरणम् । अ. हृ. सू. ७/२८ हेमाद्रिः
शुद्धे हृदि – स्वलिङ्गे ज्ञाते । अ. हृ. सू. ७/२८ अरुणदत्त
Literary MeaningRemoving accumulation of Dosha from heart
Implied MeaningIt is a cleansing procedure, which removes the accumulation of Dosha from heart.
ElaborationWhen Dosha are aggravated and collected in the stomach, they are allowed to get out of the body by cleansing procedures like वमन and Virechana .
For example, in the poisoning, when poison reaches the heart, it is advised to remove it by emesis ( वमन ). Taamra Choorn`a is advised for this. It causes emesis and the effect of the poison gets cleared. This is Hridaya Vis`hodhana . After achieving this condition, gold is administered as having Vishaghna property.
वमन – Emetic therapy ; if performed to its optimum quality expels out the aggravated Dosha, which are ready to go out. Such Dosha are called as Upasthita Dosha . It is also named as Utkles`ha . Therefore, proper emesis is Hridaya S`hodhaka ; whereas if it is not properly done, then it manifests with the symptom called as “ Hridayopasaran`a ” ( heaviness and fullness in the heart ). C. Su. 16 / 6, 7
AntonymHrid As`huddhi Kaaraka

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