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Aparaa Paatana

KeywordAparaa Paatana
Etymology/ Definitionगर्भधारिणी अपरा । च. शा. ८/३२ चक्रपाणि
Literary MeaningAparaa means placenta and Paatana means to remove. ( i. e. removal of placenta )
Implied MeaningManual removal of placenta when placental delivery is not taking place.
ElaborationManual removal of placenta means Aparaa Paatana .
After child birth, if placenta has not come out, then, it is manipulated for its evacuation. Following methods are useful for removing placenta:
By applying both hands, one on the abdomen and other on the back, placental delivery is carried out. Heels are gathered towards the buttock for placental delivery.
Dhoopana: Fumigation by Bhoorjapatra, Kaacha, Man`i, Sarpa Nirmoka etc.
Kusht`ha, Taaleesa is given with Balvaja Yoosha or Maireya or Suraa Man`d`a .
Pichu: Medicated oil prepared from S`hatapushpaa, Kusht`ha, Madana, Hingu .
Anuvaasana or Aasthaapana Basti is also useful for placental delivery.
AntonymAparaa Sanga

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