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Etymology/ Definitionयः पिण्डो रसपिष्टानां स कल्क परिकीर्तितं । च.सू.४/७
Literary MeaningM / W – Paste, Pulp
Implied MeaningPulp obtained from fresh herbs and converted into a round ( Pin`d`a ) lump is known as Kalka.
ElaborationIt is generally prepared from fresh herbs. If fresh herbs are not available, then the dry substances are soaked in water and the pulp is prepared. S`haarangadhara describes Aavaapa and Prakshepa as synonyms of Kalka . As per S`haarangadhara the dose of Kalka is one Karsha ( approximately 12 gms .)
It is directly used in treatment or in preparation of medicines. As per the requirement it is used internally or externally. It is lighter than Svarasa but heavier to digest compared to a decoction ( Kvaatha ).
SynonymsAavaapa, Prakshepa
Contemporary ColloquialPaste

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