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S`hleshaka Kapha

KeywordS`hleshaka Kapha
Etymology/ Definitionश्लेषणात् श्लेषकः । अ. सं. सू.२०/४
Literary MeaningM / W – connecting
Implied MeaningThis type of Kapha is located in joints and it lubricates the joints and facilitates easy functioning of it.
ElaborationIt is one of the five subtypes of Kapha situated in the joints. It is the fluid present in the mobile joints secreted by the inner membrane S`hleshamadharaa Kalaa ( membrane supporting Kapha Dosha ) within the joint capsule ( Sandhi Kos`ha ).
It is responsible for the nourishment and lubrication of the particular surfaces of the participating bony ends.
In joint afflictions S`hleshaka Kapha is affected substantively, qualitatively and functionally. Depending upon its involvement the signs and symptoms vary warranting an innovative approach in management of the same.

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