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Etymology/ Definitionसुधौतः प्रस्रुतः स्विन्नोऽत्यक्तोष्मा चौदनो लघुः।
यश्चाग्नेयौषधक्वाथसाधितो भृष्टतण्डुलः॥ अ.ह्र. सू. ६/३०
ReferenceC.Su.27/257, A.H.Su 6/31,S.Su.46/348
Literary MeaningM / W – grain mashed and cooked with milk, porridge, boiled rice, any pap or pulpy substance
Implied MeaningIt is a type of recipe from Kritaanna Varga, which is prepared by different methods.
ElaborationCharaka, Sus`hruta and Vaagbhat`a describe properties of Odana prepared by different methods.
prepared with the boiled paddy, well cleaned and filtered is easy to digest when consumed in hot form.
Bhrisht`a Odana ( Fried rice ) is useful in the toxic conditions as well as in diseases due to Kapha .
Odana prepared with an addition of a decoction of medicinal substances of hot potency or with fried grains are also easily digestible.
Odana prepared with addition of milk, mutton etc. is heavy to digest. It is also strength promoting, refreshing, and it acts as cardiac tonic.

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