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Rakta Dhaatu

KeywordRakta Dhaatu
Etymology/ Definitionरञ्जिता स्तेजसा त्वापः शरीरस्थेन दैहिनाम् । आव्यापन्नाः प्रसन्नेन रक्तमित्यभिधीयते । सु.सू. १४/५
ReferenceC.Chi.15/28, C.Su.28/11,S.Su.14/9, A.H.Su.11/4,
Literary MeaningM / W – Blood
Implied MeaningRakta is derived from essential nutrients in Rasa . Blood originates from Raktadharaakalaa , liver and spleen in foetal life. Ranjaka Pitta is responsible to form a red colour entity called Rakta from whitish Rasa Dhaatu .
ElaborationThe Paachaka Pitta is responsible for digestion. It also maintains life, complexion, and nutrition of the body. As in the foetal stage almost all the organs are derived from various attributes of blood hence Sus`hruta calls it as Jeevana .
He describes the properties of Rakta as Visrataa Dravataa ( fluidity ), Raaga ( redness ), Spandanam pulsation ), and Laghutaa ( lightness ). He also ascribes unfaltering touch to the optimally functioning blood that is circulating through its own vessels.
The diseases caused by Raktadusht`i are mainly skin diseases like ( कुष्ठ ), bleeding disorders ( रक्तपित्त ), विसर्प etc.
SynonymsRakta, Rudhira, Lohita, S`hon`ita indicate red colour
Asruk and Asram ( continuous movement of blood circulation
Kshataja ( generated from the Kshata ( wound ).
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