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Etymology/ Definitionप्रधानं व्यक्तं रसमनुगतो अव्यक्तत्वेन इति अनुरसः । च. सू. २६।९ चक्रपाणि किंचिदन्ते व्यक्तोऽपि … पश्यादुपलभ्यते यो रस:। च. सू. २६/२३
ReferenceC.Su.26/28 Chakrapaan`i,C.Su.26/23,C.Su.26/9 Chakrapaan`i
Literary MeaningM / W – A secondary flavour
Implied MeaningEvery substance has a particular taste called Rasa but some substances exhibit presence of a second taste after the main taste. It is called Anurasa . ( The secondary taste which is perceived after the dominant taste .)
ElaborationThe tastes are described according to the predominance of the primordial elements in them. Sometimes due to a particular proportion of the elements there is a secondary taste in a substance. When the dominant taste is over and if the person has a sip of water the secondary taste becomes apparent. Since the elemental combination is weaker than the dominant taste it becomes apparent only after a contact with its parent element viz. water.
After tasting the sourness of Aamalakee ( Phyllanthus Emblica ) fruit a sip of water makes the inherent but initially unperceived sweetness surface. This is Anurasa
Other examples described by Chakrapaan`i are as follows:DravyaRasaAnurasaPippaliPungentSweetHoneySweetAstringentThe taste is evolved from Jala Mahaabhoota. Hence the non – dominant taste is perceived on contact with a swig of water.
Contemporary ColloquialSubordinate Taste
AntonymPradhaana Rasa

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