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Etymology/ Definition तृप्तिकारके संतर्पण शब्द प्रयोग:। च.सू.२३/३ चक्रपाणि, सन्तर्पण: तृप्तिकर: । सु. सू. ४६।३४ डल्हण
ReferenceC.Su.23/3 Chakrapaan`i, S.Su.46/34 D`alhan`a
Literary MeaningM / W – the act of satiating or refreshing , refreshment , means of strengthening
Implied Meaning1. Santarpan`a ( satiating or strengthening therapy ), is one of the basic treatment aspects described by Aachaarya.
2. Santarpan`a is also referred to as Tripti ( satisfaction, an effect of adequate and of likable food consumption ).
3. A beverage prepared from Saktu ( Hordeum vulgare, Barley )
ElaborationSantarpan`a is a treatment modality described by Charakaacharya .
Six basic ways to treat any disease –
Langhana ( depleting therapy ),
Brimhan`a ( notification therapy ),
Snehana ( oleation ),
Rookshan`a ( desiccation therapy ),
Svedana ( fomentation, sudation therapy ),
Stambhana ( detaining )
These are grouped in two ways –
Santarpan`a ( strenthening therapy ) and Apatarpan`a ( depleting therapy )
Brimhan`a Snehana and Stambhana are said to be satiating or strengthening type of treatment modalities.
Remaining Langhana ( depleting therapy ), Rookshan`a ( desiccation therapy ), Svedana ( sudation therapy ) are grouped in Apatarpan`a type of treatment modalities.
Madhura ( sweet ), Snigdha ( unctuous ), Guru ( heavy to digest ), Pichchhila ( slimy ) substances are used for Santarpan`a ( satiating or strengthening therapy ). Rooksha ( dry ) substances also lead to Santarpan`a . E. g. Saktu ( Hordeum vulgare, Barley ).
Santarpan`a Dravya ( satiating or strengthening substances ) create feeling of satisfaction. It is important that food after consumption should give satisfaction.
Santarpan`a is an Upakrama to nourish a person who is debilitated chronically. Continuous Santarpan`a is needed in this case.
Diseases caused due to Santarpan`a are treated with Apatarpan`a . ( C. Su. 23 / 25 )
Quick Santarpan`a prepared from sweet, sour, unctuous, and dry substances alongwith water is called Mantha ( a medicinal preparation in which other ingredients are mixed by stirring ). It gives strength, lustre, and stability to the body.

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