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Asaatmya Indriyaartha Sanyoga

KeywordAsaatmya Indriyaartha Sanyoga
Etymology/ Definitionअसात्म्येन्द्रियार्थसंयोगो अयोग अतियोग मिथ्यायोगयुक्ता रुपरसादयः/मा.नि.१/१४ मधुकोष
ReferenceC.Sha.1/127,M.Ni.1/14 Madhukosha
Implied MeaningThe five sense organs perceive their respective stimulus, adverse reaction of the sense organs and their sensory stimuli Asaatmya Indriyaartha Sanyoga.
ElaborationThe adverse interaction of the sense organs and the stimuli is one of the three basic causes of disease genesis. The perception of each stimulus elicits a response and an effect on the body physiology that may be beneficial or malefic. The nature of individual interaction if is of
1 excessive / hyper type ( Ati Yoga )
2 low / hypo type ( Heena Yoga, Ayoga )
3 erratic / unpredictable type ( Mithyaa Yoga )
Then it starts a chain of events, which culminates in manifestation of a disease specific to the sense organ involved. To cite an example let us consider
1. Ayoga ( less in quantity, time, period )- avoidance of foodstuff of a particular taste ( e. g. pungent or sweet taste ), prolonged fasting, going without food
2. Atiyoga ( abundant in quantity, time, period ) – consumption of food comprising a single taste ( dominance of a particular taste e. g. sweet or sour food stuff ), compulsive eating
3. Mithyaayoga ( inappropriate in quantity, time, period ) – consumption of food irregularly ( e. g. sometime an individual consumes foodstuff of sweet taste or pungent or sour taste without any coordination with appetite ), untimely consumption of food
The sages have explained other sense organs’ abuse and their pathological effects with their symptomatology and management.
The individual incidence will have to be treated with individual consideration e. g. excess consumption of sweet leading to increased Kapha will have to be treated with either fasting or using pungent taste substances since both of them annihilate Kapha .
Balanced and controlled interaction between the sense organ and its stimulus is the only effective way and all other modes lead to diseases.

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