विषय सूची पर जायें


ReferenceA.H.Sha.1/44, A.H.Sha.1/47, S.Sha.10/57
Literary MeaningExpulsion of foetus
Implied MeaningAll those substances, actions which induce abortion and result in untimely termination of pregnancy.
ElaborationThe things that cause abortion are called Garbhapaatakara.
They are as follows –
1. Exessive work, sex, traveling, and carrying heavy weights during pregnancy,
2. Sleeping at improper time, sitting on a rigid chair, sitting in an unusual position during pregnancy,
3. Strong emotions like anger, sorrow, fear, irritation, negligence towards her desires during pregnancy,
4. Vega Dhaaran`a during pregnancy,
5. Eating less quantity of food than required, eating heavy and spicy food, drinking alcohol, eating meat during pregnancy,
6. Wearing red clothes, peeping in a deep well during pregnancy,
7. सौषधं during pregnancy,
Some medicines cause contraction of muscles of uterus, which leads to abortion. E. g. Lataakaranja

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