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Ranjaka Pitta

KeywordRanjaka Pitta
Etymology/ Definitionरागकृत रसस्य रञ्जकाग्निसंज्ञं पित्तं । सु.सू.१५/२ डल्हण
ReferenceS.Su.15/2 D`alhan`a, A.H.Su.12/13
Literary MeaningM / W – colouring, biliary humour on which vision depends
Implied MeaningIt is a subtype of Pitta Dosha . This Pitta located in Aamaas`haya ( stomach ) is known as Ranjaka Pitta.
ElaborationIt imparts red colour to Rasa and converts it to Rakta ( the second Dhaatu ).
As per Sus`hruta it is situated in spleen and liver. It is responsible for the formation of blood. Any abnormality in the physiological function of Ranjaka Pitta leads to blood disorders.

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