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Etymology/ Definitionयोग्या सम्यक् कर्माभ्यास:। सु.सू.९।१ डल्हण
ReferenceS.Su.9/1 D`alhan`a
Literary MeaningM / W – capable of
Implied MeaningThis term is related with skilful surgeon. He should possess appropriate practical knowledge.
ElaborationA surgeon should obtain dexterity and expertise in various surgical techniques and in application of allied techniques such as S`hastra क्षारकर्म and अग्निकर्म by practicing it on different objects before dealing with the patient directly.
Sus`hruta suggests specific things for such a practice. Examples are:
1. Chhedana ( incision ) – Alaaboo
2. Bhedana ( excision ) – leather bag
3. Lekhana ( scrapping ) – leather of an animal with hair
4. Vedhana – Hollow structures like vessels of dead animals, Kamalanaala
The example cited above offer different resistance to the scalpel and the effort required is also different in each case. In the human body situation is similar. Hence it is essential to acquaint a novice with a sharp instrument and objects needing varied efforts, and direction so as to reach various levels of expertise.
It is comparable to the internship of today.
Contemporary ColloquialInternship, practice under guidance of an adept before permitting individual practice,
AntonymS`haastra Bahishkrita, Chhadmachara, Rogaabhisara

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