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Etymology/ Definitionतस्यायुर्वेदस्याङ्गान्यष्टौ, तद्यथा – कायचिकित्सा, शालाक्यं,शल्यापहर्तृकं, विषगरवैरोधिकप्रशमनं, भूतविद्या,कौमारभृत्यकं,रसायनं,वाजीकरणमिति । च.सू.३०/२८ चक्रपाणि
ReferenceC.Su.30/28 Chakrapaan`i
Literary MeaningEight branches
Implied MeaningEight disciplines of Ayurveda are called Asht`aanga and hence Ayurveda is termed as Asht`aanga Ayurveda.
These are as follows:
1. Kaayachikitsaa ( internal medicine ) 2. S`haalaakya ( Science of diseases specific to supra clavicular region ) 3. S`halya ( Surgery ) 4 . Aagada Tantra ( Toxicology ) 5. Bhootavidyaa ( Science of demonic seizures / phenomenon of possession ) 6. Kaumaarbhritya ( Paediatrics ) 7. रसायन ( Science of rejuvenation ) 8 . Vaajeekaran`a ( Science of aphrodisiac ).
ElaborationKaayachikitsaa deals with management of the diseases caused by impairment of the power of digestion and metabolism.
Science of treatment of diseases involving use of the fine probes is known as S`haalaakya .
S`halya Tantra is meant for extraction of foreign bodies such as grasses, pus, matrix of the dirty wound, foetus – either dead or in abnormal position. It also includes description of instruments and diagnosis of wounds.
अगद तंत्र is meant for diagnosis and treatment of various poisonings such as bites by snakes, insects, spiders, rats etc. and also for other poisonous substances.
Bhootavidyaa is for pacification of Graha ( seizures ) such as Deva Asura, and Yaksha etc. Rasaayana Tantra deals with stabilization of youthfulness, promotion of lifespan, intellect and strength and elimination of diseases.
Vaajeekaran`a is for providing affluence, purity, increase and secretion in cases of little, defective, deficient and dried semen respectively and also for producing exhilaration. It also deals with promotion of sexual potency and semen.
Contemporary ColloquialEight branches of disease management.

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