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Etymology/ Definition तामसं भयमज्ञानं निद्राऽऽलस्य विषादिता। अ.हृ.शा. ३/७
ReferenceS.Sha.1/19, A.H.Sha.3/7
Literary MeaningM / W – darkness
Implied MeaningOne of the three attibutes of mind.
ElaborationA mental attribute considered as a Manodosha or a vitiator of Maanas ( mind ). It also contributes to the mental setup or Maanasa Prakriti of an individual. It signifies inertia, lack of initiative, lethargy, ignorance, and uncouthness affecting the basal instincts like hunger, sleep and sex. Tamas keeps us in a state of ignorance, sloth, laziness, inaction and darkness.
Ignorance and inaction invariably bring about misery and unhappiness. Kapha Dosha has dominance of Tamas attribute. Prithvee Mahaabhoota posses Tamas Gun`a .
Contemporary ColloquialTaamasika

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