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Etymology/ Definitionदोषहरणमूर्ध्वभागं वमनसंज्ञकम्। च.क.१/४
Literary MeaningM / W – vomiting
Implied MeaningElimination of Dosha from upper gastro intestinal tract ( i. e. through oral root ) with emetic drug formulations is called वमन . It is the procedure of choice for Kapha Dosha disorders.
ElaborationEmesis is a scientific and medicine – induced procedure. It is mainly indicated in Kapha predominant conditions. However, it is also useful to eliminate aggravated Pitta Dosha . By prerequisite procedures like oleation and sudation Dosha from S`haakhaa ( body constituents like Rakta Tvak ) are brought to Kosht`ha ( abdominal viscera ). Then on stimulation by Vaamaka Dravya ( emetics ) they are expelled out through mouth. Emetics have attributes like hot, strong, subtle and Vyavaayi and Vikaas`hee. E. g. Madanaphala . ( Catunaregum Spinosa )
Indications – Cough, asthma, various types of skin diseases, प्रमेह ( Diabetes ) etc.
This has to be performed under supervision of a competent physician to avoid serious complications.
SynonymsOordhvabhaaga Doshaharan`am
Contemporary ColloquialGastric Lavage

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