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Etymology/ Definition व्याधिक्षमत्वं नाम व्याधिबलविरोधित्वं व्याध्युत्पादप्रतिबन्धकत्वमिति यावत्‌ । च.सू.२८/७ चक्रपाणि
ReferenceC.Su.28/7 Chakrapaan`i
Literary MeaningDefence mechanism of the body.
Implied MeaningIt is the body’s self defence mechanism against the development of disease and strong pathological factors.
ElaborationThough various people consume same diet, live in same geographical area, have similar life style their proneness to diseases may not be the same. Some may be affected by diseases while the others may not be. This is because response to the life style and diet is dependent upon various factors like age, physical constitution, season, digestive power, mental status, wholesomeness etc. This different defence mechanism of every individual is termed as Vyaadhikshamatva .
Chakrapaan`i describes two types of Vyaadhikshamatva:
Vyaadhi Utpaad Pratibandhakatva – People endowed with this type are capable of resisting the onset of any disease. This is considered as a superior Vyaadhikshamatva .
Vyaadhibalavirodhitvam – Developed diseases show mild symptoms due to active defence mechanism .
Good defence mechanism depends upon healthy body constituents and equilibrium of Dosha .
According to Charakaachaarya people with less immunity are: highly obese, too slim, with mal nourished body constituents like bones, flesh and blood, those consuming unwholesome food and in less quantity, those with weak mental strength.
Contemporary ColloquialImmune response, Adaptability, Resistance
AntonymVyaadhi Akshamatva

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