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Kleda Nirharan`a

KeywordKleda Nirharan`a
Literary MeaningTo remove or destroy the liquid waste
Implied MeaningTo eliminate the Kleda ( liquid waste ) from the body.
ElaborationIn some diseases, liquid waste accumulates in the body, which is hazardous. It is important to remove such toxic element through excretory system for speedy recovery of dieases. This is required mainly in the treatment of प्रमेह ( Diabetes Mellitus ). In this, the medicines having properties opposite to that of the Kleda ( liquid waste ) are used. These medicines have mainly bitter or astringent taste and posses properties like Rooksha ( Dry ), Khara ( Rough ). E. g. Haridraa Khadira Daaruharidraa etc. ( See word Klinna also )

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