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Etymology/ Definition धारणे स्थिरः । अ.ह्र.सू.१/१८ हेमाद्रि
ReferenceA.H.Su.1/18, Hemaadri
Literary MeaningM / W – firm, hard, solid, compact, strong, fixed, still, immovable, motionless, steady, durable, lasting, permanent, relentless, constant, resolute, persevering
Implied MeaningGun`a, which is stable is called Sthira. It possesses the ability to stabilise ( Sthireekaran`a Dhaatu .
ElaborationIn order to have longevity it is imperative to retard the life process. This is brought about by the attribute Sthira .
It arrests, retards various movements, transportation activities in the internal environment.
It is an attribute of Kapha . It depletes Vaata , and pacifies Pitta .

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