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Etymology/ Definitionविपक्वं यदपक्वं वा मलादि द्रवतां नयेत् । रेचयत्यपि तद् ज्ञेयं रेचनं त्रिवृता यथा । शा.सं. पू खं ४/७
Literary MeaningM / W – purging
Implied MeaningThe Dravya , which cause purgation ( watery motions ) by enhancing liquefaction of digested or undigested waste product ( Pureesha Mala ).
The action is seen in the Pakvaas`haya.
ElaborationThe action of Rechana differs from other laxatives in a way that tends to liquefy the fecal matter and thus resolve the occluding matter.
It is the treatment modality of choice for vitiated Pitta Dosha .
The Rechana Dravya has dominance of Prithvee and Aapa Mahaabhoota , both of which are Guru ( heavy to digest ) in nature. Hence they exhibit a natural tendency to move, displace downward. ( A. H. Su. 9 / 11 )
Compared to other forms it has a comparatively drastic action and the stool is watery in consistency.
Contemporary ColloquialPurgation
AntonymStambhana, Graahi

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