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Vyaadhi Sankara

KeywordVyaadhi Sankara
Etymology/ Definitionव्याधिसंङकरः व्याधिमेलकाः । च.नि.८/२२
ReferenceC.Ni.8/22 Chakrapaan`i
Literary MeaningM / W – Combination of disease
Implied MeaningCombination of two or more diseases, which may have different causative factors with distinct Sampraapti.
ElaborationExistence of more than one disease is called Vyaadhi Sankara . Two types of Vyaadhisamkara:
Some diseases generate other diseases and they themselves get subsided.
Some diseases become cause of other diseases and persist with the resulting diseases.
Vyaadhi Sankara is difficult ( Krichchhratama ) to treat.
Causes of Vyaadhi Sankara are: Inappropriate management of diseases or natural flow of diseases e. g. Cough develops due to common cold leading to श्वास ( breathlessness ) culminating into Kshaya राजयक्ष्मा ) Ch. Ni. 8 / 22 Chakrapaan i
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