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Etymology/ Definitionप्लवनम् उत्प्लुत्योत्प्लुत्य गमनम् । सु.सू.२१/१९ डल्हण
Literary MeaningSwimming
Implied MeaningIt is a type of Vihaara ( lifestyle ), which means swimming in water.
ElaborationSwimming alleviates Kapha Dosha . So patient is advised to swim in Kapha Prakopa . Swimming against the current of the river is one of the exercises advised to cure उरुस्तंभ . Heat generated by the swimming exercise is directed inwards resulting in conversion of the accumulated Aama and Kapha in the internal environment. In S`harad Ritu , water of the natural resources becomes very clean. So swimming is advised in S`harad Ritucharyaa .
One should never swim immediately after eating food.

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