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Etymology/ Definitionमोक्ष आत्यन्तिकशरीराद्युच्छेद: । च. शा. १/१३७ चक्रपाणि
C.Sha.1/137 Chakrapaan`i
Literary MeaningM / W – release from worldly existence, Emancipation
Implied MeaningFreedom from suffering, bondage and the state of being one with the Parabrahman.
ElaborationThe indicator of life is the pain of bondage and the ultimate aim is to be emancipated from it. Charaka says that this is possible with Yoga and Moksha .
The fraction of the cosmic consciousness that is trapped in the human body is striving to be one with the cosmic counterpart. This is possible with acquisition of pure knowledge and refraining from indulging in gratification of worldly desires that result in further bondage.
The idea is to be free from the three types of suffering. At the microcosmic level it is to be freed from diseases.
SynonymsApunarbhava, Nirvaan`a
Contemporary ColloquialEmancipation, freedom from bondage,

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