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Etymology/ Definitionवयञ्चेति कालप्रमाणविशेषापेक्षेणी हि शरीरावस्था वयो अभिधीयते । च.वि.८/१२२
ReferenceC.Vi. 8/122
Literary MeaningAge
Implied MeaningSpecific stage of the body in the context of lifetime.
ElaborationChronological age i. e. the time elapsed since birth is Vaya . It is an important consideration in the evaluation process of a patient and the disease too.
Lifespan is broadly divided into three categories viz. young age, middle age and old age.
Young age is again of two types:
Immature stage lasting up to 16 th year of age.
Mature stage lasting up to 30 th year of age.
During immature stage various organs of the body are not well developed the individual and as such cannot tolerate stress. There is incomplete strength and dominance of Kapha Dosha .
During second stage the mental faculties attain their peak.
Middle age lasts up to 60’th year of age. At this age there is well – manifested strength, energy, and power of understanding, memorising, speech, and analysing facts. Also Dhaatu are at the height of their attributes and functionality. This age is characterised by Pitta activity.
At old age, which lasts up to 100th year of age there is gradual decline of Dhaatu , strength of sense organs, and of power of understanding, memorising, analysing facts, and speech. Vaata is the dominant Dosha during this stage.

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