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Etymology/ Definitionप्राणानामेकेऽभिसरा हन्तारो रोगाणाम् । च.सू.२९/५
Literary MeaningM / W – a saver of life
Implied MeaningA physician who salvages life of a patient and cures his disease is called Praan`aabhisara Vaidya ( saviour of life ).
ElaborationCharakaachaarya described characteristics of Praan`aabhisara Vaidya as:
1. Physicians born in noble families, who are skilful with pure knowledge and enough practical experience ( Paridrisht`a Karman`aa )
2. Physicians with good knowledge of medicines, treatment modalities, and surgical interventions
3. Those with all essential equipments for his craft ( Sarvopakaran`avanta ) and endowed with healthy sense organs ( Sarvendriyopapanna )
Contemporary ColloquialCompetent physician capable of ridding disease and saving life
AntonymRogaabhisara, Chhadmachara

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