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Etymology/ Definitionकृत्स्नदेहचरो व्यानो रससंवहनोद्यत:। स्वेदासृक्स्रावणश्चापि पञ्चधा चेष्टयत्यपि। सु. नि.१ /१७
Implied MeaningIt is one of the five types of Vaata Dosha .
Vyaana is mainly located in the heart ( Prabhavasthaana ). It moves all over the body with great speed and it performs activities like walking , flexion , extension at various joints to bring about various functions and voluntary actions .
ElaborationSus ` hruta describes five types of movements of Vyaana Vaayu like prasaaran ` a ( expansion of body channels ), Aakunchana ( constriction ), Vinamana ( downward movement ), Unnamana ( upwards movement ), Tiryaggamana ( movement in oblique direction , adduction ). Opening and closing of eyelids . Vyaana Vaayu helps to circulate nutrients all over the body to nourish various body parts .
Another equally important function is circulation of Rasa from the heart to the whole body along the three channels and three directions .

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