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TypeD.G./B. P.
Etymology/ Definitionपवनपृथ्विव्यतिरेकात कषाय । च.सू.२६/४२/६
ReferenceC.Su.26/40,42/6, A.H.10/20-21
Literary MeaningM / W – astringent
Implied MeaningIt is one of the six Rasa, which has exclusive predominance of Vaayu and Prithvee Mahaabhoota.
ElaborationThe drugs and diet having astringent taste tend to induce constipation. They produce pressure on the affected part and cause granulation, absorption and stiffness. They alleviate Kapha and रक्तपित्त ( a disease characterized by bleeding from various parts of the body ).
They absorb the body fluid and are cold, and heavy.
If drugs and diet of Kashaaya ( astringent ) Rasa is excessively consumed they cause dryness of mouth, affliction of heart ( Hridayam Peed ` ayati ), distension of abdomen, obstruction of speech, constriction of channels, dark complexion, and destruction of manhood. They get digested slowly and obstruct the passage of flatus, urine, stool and semen, cause emaciation, thirst, dryness, and stiffness due to their roughness. They produce diseases like hemiplegia, spasm, convulsion, and facial paralysis etc ., due to vitiation of Vaata .
Contemporary ColloquialAstringent

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