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Etymology/ Definition उद्वर्तनं गात्रमर्दनम्‌ । सु.चि.२४/५१ डल्हण
ReferenceS.Chi.24/51 D`alhan`a, A.H.Su.2/14
Literary MeaningM / W – rubbing and cleansing with fragrant unguents
Implied MeaningIt is one of the procedures in the daily regimen. It means rubbing the body with medicated powder.
Elaboration1. Generally it should be done before taking bath. It helps to reduce Kapha and complete dissolution of Meda ( fats ). It also improves complexion and tone up all body parts.
2. After physical exercise massaging the body with assistance is also called Udvartana .
3. After अभ्यंग ( oil massage ), the excess oil should be removed with the help of dry powder ( mainly of astringent tastes ).

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