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Etymology/ Definition स्मृति: पूर्वानुभूतस्यार्थस्य स्मरणम्‌ । सु. शा. १/७ डल्हण
स्मरणात्‌ स्मृतिः उच्यते ।
ReferenceC.Sha.1/140 Chakrapaan`i,C.Sha.1/149
S.Sha.1/17 D`alhan`a
Literary MeaningM / W – remembrance , reminiscence
Implied MeaningRemembrance, recollection due to previous experiences
ElaborationMemory is nothing but the remembrance of things directly perceived, heard ( from scripture ) or experienced earlier.
Charaka gives eight causes of Smriti :
1. Nimitta – Knowledge of cause ( of a thing or an event etc .)
2. Roopagrahan`aat – Knowledge of form ( e. g. seeing Gavaya ( a species of ox ) in the forest , one remembers a cow having similar form )
3. Saadrus`hyaat – Knowledge of similarity ( son reminds his father due to resemblance )
4. Vipareeta Vastu Dars hanaat – Knowledge of contrast ( e. g. An ugly form reminds one of a beautiful form )
5. Sattvaanubandhaat – Concentration of mind
6. Abhyaasaat – Repetition, frequent observation
7. Dnyaanayogaat – Attainment of metaphysical knowledge
8. Punaha S`hrutaat – Subsequent communication
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