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Etymology/ Definitionपृथ्व्याग्नि भूयिष्ठत्वाद् अम्लः । च.सू.२६/४२/२
ReferenceC.Su.26/42/2, A.H.Su.10/10,11
Literary MeaningM / W – sour, acid
Implied MeaningIt is one of the six Rasa , which has predominance of Prithvee and Agni Mahaabhoota.
ElaborationDrugs and diet having sour taste add to the deliciousness of food, stimulate appetite, nourish and energise the body, enlighten the mind, strengthen the sense organs, promote strength, alleviate Vaata , nourish the heart, cause salivation, help in swallowing, moistening and digestion of food. It is refreshing, light, hot and unctuous.
In spite of all these good qualities, if it is used in excess, then it causes thirst, morbid sensitiveness to teeth, closure of eyes, liquefaction of Kapha , aggravation of Pitta , vitiation of Rakta , decomposition of muscle ( Vidahati ), flabbiness of body, oedema in patients suffering from emaciation, cachexia, and weakness.

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