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Aatapa Sevana

KeywordAatapa Sevana
ReferenceC.Su.14/64, S.Chi.32/15
Literary MeaningExposure to sunrays to facilitate sweating.
Implied MeaningSunbath to facilitate perspiration.
ElaborationAatapa is a radiation of heat by sun. Aatapa is one of the measures to induce perspiration. As no direct fire / flames are involved in this kind of fomentation, hence it is classify under Anagni Sveda . It is useful in Medaavrita and Kaphaavrita Vaata. Early morning is the best time for Sunbath.
It should be taken care that people of Pitta Prakriti and those suffering from Pitta or Rakta or both diseases, should not expose themselves to Aatapa .
SynonymsGharma Sevana
AntonymS`heeta Sevana / Chhaayaa Sevana

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