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Chhala (Vaakya)

KeywordChhala (Vaakya)
Etymology/ Definitionछलं नाम परिशठमर्थाभासमनर्थकं वाग्वस्तुमेव । च.वि.८/५६.
Literary MeaningM / W – deceitful disputation
Implied MeaningChhala stands for confusion created by play of words not relevant to the question, nonsensical in nature and only apparently having some meanings.
ElaborationThis is of two types, which can be explained with relevant examples.
1. Vaakyachhala ( Verbal casuistry )- If somebody says that a physician is “ Navatantra ” meaning thereby that he has learnt the science of medicine but too recently, the opponent replies, “ I am not Navatantra ( meaning thereby that he has not studied nine scripture ) but have studied only one scripture. Then again the questioner says, “ I was not talking about study of nine scriptures but I meant that your experience in the field of medicine is quite new ( Navaabhyasta ). Then again the opponent replies, “ I have not studied the scripture nine times ( Navaabhyasta ) but I have studied them several times ”. This illustrates verbal casuistry.
2. Saamaanyachhala ( casuistry in general ) – It is an internal shift from relevant meaning by of over – generalisation. E. g. Somebody makes a statement that the medicine is meant for alleviating a disease. Then the opponent says, “ Do you mean to say that something existent alleviates some other existing thing ? In that case as कास and Kshaya both exist, should कास ( cough ) alleviate Kshaya ?”.

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