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Etymology/ Definitionविलयनरूपा वृद्धि: प्रकोप:। सु.सू.२१/१८ डल्हण
S.Su.21/32,18 D`alhan`a
Literary MeaningM / W – effervescence, excitement, raging
Implied MeaningIt is the second stage in Shat`kriyaakaala . It is the liquefied aggravation ( Vilayanaroopa ) of Dosha .
ElaborationWhen the causes continue the vitiation of Dosha continues and the sites start becoming incapable to accommodate it. This critical state where the vitiated Dosha is about to leave its normal site and proceed further to foreign sites is Prakopa.
Sus`hruta describes symptoms of Tridosha ( three biological elements ) in the aggravated state:
1. Vaata Prakopa – Vaayorvimaargagamana ( diversification of Vaata ), Aat`opa ( painful distension with gurgling in abdomen ) S. Su. 21 / 32 D`alhan`a.
2. Pitta Prakopa – Osha ( Burning sensation ), Chosha ( drying up or burning ), Paridaaha Dhoomaayana. These are subjective burning sensations of various intensities.
3. Kapha Prakopa – अरोचक ( anorexia ), Avipaaka ( indigestion ), Angasaada ( body ache ), छर्दि ( vomiting )
Contemporary ColloquialAccumulation to the point of overflow, bursting and spreading

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