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Etymology/ Definitionउत्पित्सुरामयो येन लक्ष्यते तत्प्राग्रूपम्। अ. हृ. नि. १/४
ReferenceA.H.Ni.1/4, M.Ni.1/5 Madhukos`ha
Literary MeaningPremonitory symptom, M / W – indication of something approaching , the symptom of occurring disease
Implied MeaningThese are signs indicative of impending disease not yet manifested. Prodromal signs.
ElaborationThese may appear during the stage of accumulation ( Chaya ), increase ( Prakopa ) or spread of Dosha Prasaara ). These are classified as general and specific premonitory symptoms.
It is important to start the treatment in prodromal stage as the vitiation of Dosha is not significant and can be controlled comparatively easily.
If they persist even after manifestation of the disease, then the prognosis is grave.
SynonymsProdromal symptom

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