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Etymology/ Definitionव्रणवस्तूनि व्रणाधिष्ठानानि । सु.सू.२२/३
Literary MeaningM / W – the place or seat of a wound, a part liable to ulcerate
Implied MeaningIt is a bed or seat where development of various ulcers take place.
ElaborationSurgery deals mainly with ulcers and wounds. Sus`hruta describes eight sites where they can manifest. They are:
Tvak ( Skin ), Maamsa ( Flesh ), Siraa ( Blood vessels ), Snaayu ( ligaments and tendons ), Asthi ( Bones ), Sandhi ( Joints ), Kosht`ha ( Abdominal viscera ) and मर्म ( Vital point ).
The residual scar tissue is termed as Vran`avastu .

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