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Etymology/ Definitionएतेन असिक्थो मण्डः । सु.सू.४६/३४४ डल्हण
ReferenceC.Su.27/251, S.Su.46/344 D`alhan`a
Literary MeaningM / W – the scum of boiled rice ( or any grain )
Implied MeaningIt is dietary preparation useful in sequantial dietary advice ( Sansarjan Krama ) to enhance digestive power.
ElaborationIt is the lightest ( Laghutama ) dietary regime first given after post पंचकर्म management for restoring the normal Agni status.
As par S`haarangadhara the preparation of Man`d`a is as follows:
This preparation consists of grains ( rice ) and water cooked in the proportion of 1: 14. After cooking, the grains are removed ( Sikttha Virahita ).
Gruel water stimulates the power of digestion and facilitates downward movement of flatus. It softens channels of circulation, and produces sweating. By virtue of its lightness and capacity to promote digestion gruel water sustains life of those who have undergone fasting and emetic therapies.
Gruel water prepared of fried paddy removes fatigue of people whose voice is weakened.
Contemporary ColloquialRice gruel

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