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ReferenceC.Su.1/24 Chakrapaan`i
Literary MeaningM / W – a short sentence or aphoristic rule, It is an arrangement of words, which packs a large volume of meaning into a concise form
Implied MeaningIt is a compilation of precise words, which give a comprehensive meaning of a particular subject. In the ancient times this was the mode of compilation of information as people had purposely adopted brevity of description.
ElaborationTrisootra Ayurveda is the term applied to indicate the comprehensive elucidation of three main tenets of Ayurveda i. e. Hetu ( causative factor ), Linga ( symptoms ) and Aushadha ( medicine, cure ). We find description of various such Sootra in the compendia Guru Sootra ( teaching of a master ), S`hishya Sootra ( questions posed by the disciple ), Ekeeya Sootra ( enumeration of some Sootra ) in vogue which merit consideration.

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