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Etymology/ Definitionइह खलु संवत्सरं षडङ्गमृतुविभागेन विद्यात् । च. सू. ६/४ मासैर्द्विसंख्यैर्माघाद्यैः क्रमात् षड् ऋतव: स्मृता:। शिशिरोऽथवसन्तश्च ग्रीष्मो वर्षा शरद्धिमा:। अ.हृ.सू.३/१
ReferenceC.Su.6/4, A.H.Su.3/1
Literary MeaningSix seasons
Implied MeaningA year is divided into six seasons as per climatic conditions , three in Aadaana Kaala and other three in Visarga Kaala . They are Varshaa ( rainy season ), S ` harada ( autumn ), Hemanta ( winter ), S ` his ` hira ( dewy season ), Vasanta ( spring ), Greeshma ( summer )
ElaborationThe changing seasons demand certain changes be made to the diet and the daily regime as they affect the body invariably . To avoid this interaction being hostile it is advisable to adopt a gradual change in lifestyle during each season .
The seasons have a distinct effect on the body constituents . Doshaa _ s tend to accumulate , precipitate or aggravate and finally subside in succession in the three seasons . If theses are eliminated during this time the coming year can be free of diseases of these Doshaa _ s . Similarly Agni is also affected during each season thus an elaborate dietary regimen is advised which if followed ensures relative freedom from the seasonal diseases .
Thus seasonal regimen if adopted correctly guaranties freedom from diseases and results in good health while failure to do so almost certainly leads to some diseases or other .
Contemporary ColloquialSix seasons

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