विषय सूची पर जायें


Etymology/ DefinitionC.Si.12/15, S.Su.23/10 D`alhan`a
ReferenceªÉÉ{ÉxÉÒªÉÆ |ÉÉhÉvÉÉ®hɨÉä´É ÊGúªÉÉ Eú®ÉäÊiÉ* ºÉÖ. ºÉÚ. 23/10 bü±½ýhÉ
Literary MeaningTo prolong, sustain
Implied MeaningA type of enema, which alleviates the action of Dosha , sustains life and facilitates formation and circulation of Rasa through the Srotasa .
ElaborationYaapana Basti is designed to improve the depleted tissues, mainly the S`hukra . It contains herbs, milk, clear meat soup, jaggery, honey, ghee, sesame oil, and rock salt. It is very helpful in debilitating disorders. Substances used in Yaapana Basti have heavy, unctuous attributes, which mainly help to develop S`hukra Dhaatu .
As per Charakaachaarya , it can be administered without any restriction of season or specific period e. g. Mustaadi Yaapana is administered in क्षतक्षीण ( Traumatic haemoptysis ), cough, and for pain in thigh and legs.
Contemporary ColloquialRetention enema

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