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Etymology/ Definitionशरीरेन्द्रियसत्त्वात्मसंयोगो धारि जीवितम् । नित्यगश्चानुबन्धश्च पर्यायैरायुरुच्यते । च.सू. १।४२
Literary MeaningM / W – a living being , man , living beings collectively
Implied MeaningThe term Aayush stands for the inseparable allegiance of the physical body , sense organs , mind , and soul . Dhaari ( one that prevents the body from decay ), Jeevita ( which keeps it alive ), Nityaga ( which serves as permanent substratum ), and Anubandha ( which transmigrates from one body to another ) are the synonyms of it .
ElaborationThe body is made up of five Mahaabhoota . It serves as an instrument of enjoyment and sufferings for the soul , which results in either emancipation or further bondage . The sense organs are eyes , ears etc . Sattva is mind and soul is the seat of knowledge . All these combined with the virtue of the invisible past actions ( Karma ) are described as life .
SynonymsNityaga , Anubandha
Contemporary ColloquialLife

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