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Etymology/ Definition यथादुष्टेन दोषेण यथा चानुविसर्पता।
निर्वृत्तिरामयस्यासौ सम्प्राप्तिर्जातिरागति:। अ. हृ. नि. १/८
ReferenceA.H.1/8,M.Ni.1/10 Madhukos`ha
Literary MeaningPathogenesis of diseases
Implied MeaningOwing to various causative factors the vitiated Dosha initiate a disease process by moving along various channels in the body over a period of time. This is manifested as a fully developed illness. It is a dynamic process.
ElaborationIt is the sequential progression of the disease process from the point of the initial contact of the causative factor with the body to the manifestation of the disease. If not treated till occurrence of complications, this further leads to residual damage and finally to the terminal state. Clear understanding of this process helps in planning appropriate management modality and to assess prognosis.
Classification of Sampraapti ( pathogenesis ):
Sankhyaa – It is the numerical enumeration of types of diseases as per the involvement of Dosha . E. g. 5 types of cough ( कास )
Vikalpa – Diseases are mostly due to vitiation of various combinations of Dosha . This deals with assessment of vitiation of exact subtype of the vitiated Dosha and the exact nature of the vitiation in terms of their attributes.
Praadhaanya – In cases when more than one diseases are present simultaneously it is essential to estimate the strength of each one of them and treat the one that is likely to be more damaging or the one which has a clearly defined etiopathology.
4. Bala – A disease when it is clearly evident with well established causative factors, prodromal signs, signs and symptoms, and complications it is said to be Balavat ( powerful ) and with a grave prognosis.
5. Kaala – Diseases emerging at the specific period as per the dominance of Dosha say at night, day and during digestion period have Kaala Sampraapti .

SynonymsJaati: this signifies the pathogenesis
this signifies the progress and spread of the condition.

Contemporary ColloquialPathogenesis, Etiopathology

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