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Etymology/ Definitionतत्र शरीरं नाम चेतनाधिष्ठानभूतं पंचमहाभूतविकारसमुदायात्मकं समयोगवाहि। च.शा.६/४
ReferenceC.Sha.6/4, C.Vi.8/119, C.Su.1/42
Literary MeaningM / W – body ; bodily frame ; solid parts of the body, which are easily destroyed or dissolved
Implied MeaningBody, which is maintained in a state of equilibrium represents conglomeration of factors derived from
Five primordial elements. This is the site of manifestation of consciousness.
ElaborationThe reference here is to the person who seeks treatment or advice. He is a conglomeration of various factors like the body, mind, sense organs and the Aatman . Basis of this clinical entity is the five primordial elements and consciousness. Thus S`hareera implies the inseparable allegiance of theses six factors. For the purpose of understanding and management it is divided into two classes viz. structural and functional.
The term implies a progressively decaying structure. The body has a tendency to deteriorate and succumb to either a disease or death in spite of all efforts.
SynonymsVapu, Deha, Moorti, Tanu, Kaayaa, Varshma
Contemporary ColloquialAnatomy, physiology

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