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Etymology/ Definitionआवी प्रसववेदना । सु. शा. १०/९ डल्हण
ReferenceS.Sha.10/9 D`alhan`a, C.Sha.8/ 37
Literary MeaningM / W – pangs of childbirth
Implied MeaningThese are pains generated at the time childbirth ( labour pains ). They are helpful to expel out the foetus.
ElaborationSus`hruta emphasises that a female in labour should strain as per the labour pains. By straining at improper time, one delivers a child who may be deaf, dumb, humped with dislocated jaw, with injury in supra – clavicular parts, having complications of cough, dyspnoea.
As par Charakaachaarya, when the labour pains start, a bed should be prepared on ground with soft material used as bed spread and the pregnant woman should be asked to sit over it.
Contemporary ColloquialLabour pains

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