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Etymology/ Definitionसोमगुणाऽतिरेकात मधुरो रस । च.सू.२६/४२/१
ReferenceC.Su.1/66, C.Su.26/42, A.H.Su.10/7
Literary MeaningM / W – sweet
Implied MeaningIt is one of the six Rasa . Sweet taste abounds in the qualities of Jala Mahaabhoota .
ElaborationDrugs and diet having sweet taste are wholesome to the body and as such they add to the growth of Rasa, blood, muscle, fat, bone, semen resulting in longevity ( Aayushya ). It promotes strength and complexion, and alleviates Pitta Vaata. It quenches thirst and relieves burning sensation, promotes healthy skin, hair, voice and strength. Madhura Rasa has soothing effect and nourishing action. It brings about stability and effectively counters up emaciation and consumption. It is much liked by bees and ants. It is unctuous, cold, and heavy.
If it is consumed excessively it causes heaviness, loss of appetite, loss of power of digestion, abnormal growth of muscle ( Maamsaabhivriddhi ), dysuria, cough, coryza, अलसक ( intestinal motility disorder ), constipation, fever preceded with cold, sweetness of mouth, adhesion in bladder, vessel, throat and eye diseases like Abhishyanda ( conjunctivitis ).
Contemporary ColloquialSweet

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