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Vran`a Lekhana

KeywordVran`a Lekhana
Literary MeaningScrubbing of the wound, Scrapping
Implied MeaningThis procedure is helpful for making surface of the wound, even, which helps the process of wound healing.
ElaborationIt is one of the 60 Vran`a Upakrama explained by Sus`hruta .
The wounds which are hard ( Kat`hina ), thick ( Sthoola ), having rounded edges ( Vrittausht`ha ), which are teared again and again, which have a tendency to erupt repeatedly, thus failing the chances of healing ( Deeryamaan`a Vran`a ) are to be scrubbed using knife ( S`hastra ).
The wound where the granulation tissue is elevated and which is hard, needs to be scrubbed using S`hastra Lekhana is to be carrying out in such a way that the level of the scraped wound will match the skin surface. Elevated / rounded edges of the wound are also to be scrub properly to make then even.
Some of Achaarya , have given three types of Vran`a Lekhana – 1. Sama Lekhana
2. Sulekhana
3. Nirlekhana
This Lekhana can be carried out using S`hastra or the rough leaves of plants like Gojee, S`hephaalikaa etc ., Pichu Karpaasa Tulaa – Gauze ), Samudra Phena, Yavakshaara, Saindhava etc.
With reference to Kaaya Chikitsaa, Lekhana is a procedure, which results in reduction of Kapha, Meda and other substantially increased body constituents.

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