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Etymology/ Definitionआदिबलप्रवृत्ताः दुष्टशुक्रशोणितबलजाताः । सु. सू. २४/५ डल्हण जन्मबलप्रवृत्ताः इति शुक्रशोणितदुष्टिं विना अपि मातुरपचारबलजाताः । सु.सू.२४/५ डल्हण दोषाः वातादयो रजस्तमसी च, बलं शक्तिप्रवृत्ताः जाताः । सु. सू. २४/५ डल्हण
ReferenceS.Su.24/5 D`alhan`a
Literary MeaningHereditary diseases
Implied MeaningThese are diseases caused by vitiated semen and ovum. E. g. कुष्ठ ( Various skin diseases ), piles etc ., which are of two types viz. maternal and paternal.
ElaborationThese are types of diseases described by Sus`hruta . Similarly Sus`hruta describes other types of diseases:
1. Janmabala Pravritta ( Congenital diseases ) – Theses occur due to unwholesome behaviour of the mother. Due to these a child is born lame, blind, and deaf, dumb. These are also of two types viz. nutritional and others due to unwholesome behaviour during pregnancy.
2. Doshabala Pravritta – These diseases are caused by disorders as well as faulty diet and behaviour. These are also divided into two types �
a ) Aamaas`haya Samudbhava – Arising from stomach
b ) Pakvaas`haya Samudbhava – originated from intestine.
3. Samghaatabala Pravritta ( Traumatic diseases )- Theses are exogenous diseases affecting weak people on fighting against the stronger one. They are also of two types viz. instrumental, and those caused by a fierce animal ( Vyaalakrita ).
4. Kaalabala Pravritta ( Ecological diseases ) – These are the diseases caused by cold, air, heat, rain etc.
5. Daivabala Pravritta ( Supernatural diseases )- These are caused by God�s wrath, curse of sages, Atharvan`a ( due to magic spell )
6. Svabhaavabala Pravritta ( Natural disorders ) � These are caused by hunger, thirst, sleep, senility, death etc. They are also of two types viz. timely and untimely.

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