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Etymology/ Definitionस्त्रियमृतुमतीं ऋतुयुक्तां विद्यात् तस्याः गर्भग्रहणकाल इत्यर्थं । अ ह्र.शा.१/२० अरुणदत्त
ReferenceS.Sha.3/14-15,A.H.Sha.1/20 Arun`adatta
Literary MeaningA woman at the post menstrual period of twelve days when she can conceive as the internal environment is most conducive.
Implied MeaningA female in favourable period for conception is called Ritumatee.
ElaborationSus`hruta describes signs of Ritumatee ( a female in conception period ) as:
Face of the woman in this period is corpulent and cheerful, body, mouth and gums appear moist, she strongly longs for a man, likes to talk to men, her eyes and hair droop, she develops twitching in arms, breasts, pelvis, umbilicus, thighs, pelvic region and buttocks. She has excessive desire for sex.

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